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Couples Prenatal Yoga

Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Hands-on, experiential labor and birth preparation for couples.
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Shelley’s Couples Prenatal Yoga Workshops explores yoga postures that are commonly and intuitively utilized by a laboring/birthing mother, allowing both the expecting mother and partner to practice moving and breathing together. Mothers learn and practice labor positions that help alleviate discomforts associated with labor, while their partners massage and support them in these positions. Couples practice poses that are optimal for helping to open the pelvis and for the pushing phase of labor. In addition, parents learn and practice vocalization (using sound in labor), synchronized  breathing, pain coping practices, and massage techniques that are essential tools to be used during labor. Each class ends with a partner meditation and relaxation, leaving each couple feeling deeply connected to each other and the baby.

“In the Hindu Holy Book, The Vedas, it says, ‘The husband must be with the birthing woman to double her strength.’ The father’s love stimulates the perfect process of birth. Without the father’s love, birth is more mechanical. His love spins mother’s creative juices, opening her heart and allowing her to sink into her womb, allowing her to do the work of woman.”   –Sunni Karll (Sacred Birthing)

In addition to poses, simple meditations and breathing exercises are practiced to help cultivate a quiet mind and deeper connection to the partner and baby. Learning how to create this stillness will allow the couple to tune into each other and access their intuitive knowing. Learning how to breathe and move together in playful and new ways deeply connects partners to each other and their baby, fostering nonverbal modes of communication, which comes in very handy at the height of labor. Through lively discussion, movement, partner breathing and meditation, Couples Prenatal Yoga workshop will empower you with the confidence needed to birth your baby with love and awareness.

What you can expect at Shelley’s Couples Prenatal Yoga Workshop:

  • Lively discussion and education
  • Postures and breathing techniques for birth and optimal fetal positioning
  • Hands on skills for partners to assist birthing mother
  • Vocal toning and co-chanting
  • Relaxation skills
  • Partner meditation and tantric breathing
  • A really FUN time connecting with each other and baby!!

“Shelley’s prenatal yoga class for couples was one of the most valuable things that we did together in preparation for our son’s birth. While the books we read and the birth classes we went to together helped prepare us intellectually for labor and birth, Shelley’s class helped us to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her class allowed us to BE in our bodies together in a way that taught us how to labor more lovingly together. We used SO many postures from her class during labor...slow dancing, cat-cow, squats and lunges, among others. We also used so many of the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. But most of all, it was the calm, centered, emotional connection that Shelley helps couples find in her class that served us so well through Miles’ birth. We will definitely take her class again when we are ready to have another child!” -Emily & Chris