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Birth Warrior Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal yoga is often associated as being a peace inducing practice. While peace is a very important aspect of yoga, the Birth Warrior Prenatal Yoga is also about challenging the body, mind and spirit. In class, women have the opportunity to grow both physically and mentally so that they may gain the ability to release fears and preconceived ideas about birth. Once free of these fears, women can shift into a whole new birthing paradigm. Teachings explored in class include:

Relief from Common Pregnancy Discomforts
All of the poses practiced in class are designed to address common prenatal ailments such as sciatica nerve pain, low back pain, tight shoulders, indigestion, swollen feet, etc. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy, women are encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify the poses based on how they feel moment to moment.

Labor Coping Techniques
Prenatal yoga introduces techniques to help mothers cope with the discomforts she may experience during labor. Some of the techniques include vocal toning, labor positions, use of breath and working with a birth partner.

Birth warriors are encouraged to look deeply within and explore their fears about giving birth or becoming a mother. Fear leads to uncertainty and most certinaly will inhibit a woman's ability to trust her instincts during labor.  In prenatal yoga, we work to build strong bodies while at the same time, work toward releasing unwanted emotions and fears. 

In order to birth with strength and power, mamas need to be physically strong and flexible. It's important to have strong "Birthin' Mama Legs!"  Women will strengthen and stretch until they are stronger than you have ever been! Students will be guided into poses that take you to your edge....and beyond... encouraging you to dig deep within to harness your inner warrior. Often, poses become "practice contractions" and occasionally we get a visit from the "birth fairy."

Love and compassion are qualities that we consciously draw out in prenatal yoga, harnessing this energy in order to connect us to that pulsation of love flowing within us and our baby. The courage of your heart will always support that which is your highest truth. Prenatal yoga is the perfect opportunity to connect to your heart and your baby.

Birthin' Mamas Body and Breath
Squats... squats... and more squats! You will come away from class with squattin' hips and a strong pelvic floor. You will also understand why it is so important to be able to squat in labor and birth. You will become very intimate with your breath, as deep breathing and intuitive breathing is encouraged throughout every class. Women know how to breathe intuitively in class mother's learn how to remember.

Present Mind Awareness
A birth warrior works to stay in the moment, always asking, "What does this moment need?" and listening within for the answers. Trusting. Prenatal yoga, when practiced regularly, cultivates intuition. In this presence of mind, the Birth Warrior is open and receptive to guidance by her own internal body wisdom and able to allow this knowledge to guide her into positions/techniques that will ease pain and create an opening.

A Birth Warrior has unshakable confidence in her ability to birth her baby. She is confident because throughout her entire pregnancy she has prepared her mind, body and spirit for this experience. She trusts her caregivers, her support team and her body. She trusts in a power greater than herself and births with absolute love and awareness.

Becoming Uninhibited
In Birth Warrior prenatal yoga, women practice getting comfortable with the idea of exposing it ALL...birth is messy! Birth Warriors are open to whatever pain coping techniques are working, without being self-conscious about how it looks or sounds.

In class, mamas are encouraged to fully embrace regnancy as a time to deepen their awareness of their and their baby's energetic body. Pregnancy is a time to honor being physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually ONE with another human being. We celebrate and honor our connection with our baby, with each other, with all birthing women who have come before us, and in that connection and oneness, we find strength and unity.

To be a Birth Warrior, a woman needs to know how to surrender. Surrender the controlling mind to the wisdom of the body, surrender to the mystery of birth, surrender into relaxation and releasing tension, practice letting the mind go. This is a surrender that is very alive and empowered, rooted in trust and confidence.

As women on the same journey, we can be of tremendous support to each other when we open our hearts and cultivate friendship. In class, women are encouraged to encouraged to share their experiences and experience intimacy through partner poses. "As women, we weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong." (-- SARK) The love and support we offer each other in class often times becomes a foundation of strength in labor and birth.

"Yoga isn't just about being peaceful,
it's also about being strong, wild and forceful."
Sally Kempton

During pregnancy, a woman's body becomes a vessel of divine feminine energy, or creative Shakti. By practicing prenatal yoga, women are able to tap into this Warrior archetype, embodying the energetic qualities that this ancient pose possesses: infinite courage, strength, presence of mind...and when grounded in the heart center, FIERCE LOVE.

When a pregnant woman practices the poses Virabhadrasana I, II and III (which means "Blessed Hero" in Sanskrit), she may feel the physical power and strength in her hips, thighs and feet, grounding and rooting her into the earth. On a physical level, Warrior poses allow women to lengthen, expand and stretch throughout their entire body, often times in opposing directions at the same time. There is a delicious dance of opposing energies at play, and using the power of the breath, women assimilate this dualistic energy and feel it cultivating strength in the body, mind and spirit.

Warrior poses then require one to raise the arms and open the heart. This opening of the heart allows women to offer themselves up to love in this pose and feel as though she has the strength and power to manifest love in everything she does. Woman may feel transformed and inspired to become a warrior for this divine love pulsating through her body and her baby's body. To quote Darren Rhodes, "There's Shakti in these shapes, energy. The more you can get yourself into these shapes the more you can download their power." Whether we are conscious of it or not, just by standing and breathing in the pose of a Warrior, women are becoming birth warriors. Women often feel transformed and inspired to become a warrior for this divine love pulsating through their body and baby's body!

When a pregnant woman embraces the power of the warrior, she may feel her heart open to the possibility of giving birth with this same sense of internal power, awareness and love. She realizes the body is a temple for her child to flourish. By practicing warrior poses during pregnancy, and consciously invoking love into the pose, mothers breathe divine love into this cosmic dance of energies within, infusing individual consciousness with the energy of infinite divine love. We become LOVE WARRIORS.

The dual action experienced in the body as a warrior pose is held is the same sensation a woman experiences as her body is expanding and contracting to birth her baby. The uterus must contract to expand the cervix, the most intense sensation of pain leads to life's greatest moments of joy, as one part of us dies (maiden), another aspect of who we are is born (mother). When a woman allows this duality to dance and to flow to the rhythm of her breath, or to wildly manifest through the primal sounds that emerge from her as she gives birth, she discovers a power within that gives her the courage of a warrior to open up to this inner transformation.

When women surrender to this flow, birth becomes a non-dual experience, she transcends pain/pleasure and experiences an indescribable depth of awareness and connection to something bigger. She finds strength and the will to jump into the fire and birth her baby with power and love. In that transcendent moment when baby emerges, consciousness is shifted. Not only is there a consciousness shift within the mother, baby, and father, there is also a shift that affects the collective consciousness of the entire human race resulting in the birthing of a new humanity.

What this world needs now is for expecting mothers to claim the love and power they experience during pregnancy and birth, allowing it to heal them and take them deeper into their own hearts. From this place of wholeness, women may generate compassionate action as they birth their baby and are born as a mother. This is the level of consciousness that will birth forth a new humanity. As birth warriors, women discover a power that is bold and fierce - fierce in love, fierce in strength and fierce in willpower to birth a baby in the most evolutionary way possible - by birthing a higher level of collective consciousness. Birthing mothers are the Virabradra, the "Blessed Heroes" of this world. -- Written by Shelley Rahim.