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300 Hour Akasha Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

This advanced training program offers teachers the information and training needed to grow beyond the material and experiences gained in a 200 Hour Teacher Training. Growth is achieved through a combination of practical information and connecting back in with the Heart and Spirit within. Various lineages of a variety of yoga masters will be explored.

This course is a combination of detailed workshops and a 9 month mentorship program with a senior teacher. Students will be able to expand on their teaching skills, business skills and add to their repertoire.  
Advanced Anatomy 
Restorative, Stretch and Backs 
Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Kundalini Yoga 
Retreats, Privates & Corporates 
Energy Body Advanced 
The Heart of Meditation 

Teaching Faculty: 
Stephanie Pafford, E-RYT 500; Nita Mehta, RYT 500; Aerial Anger RYT-500; Michelle Soth E-RYT 200; and guest speakers.
Fall 2020-2021 Schedule (not inclusive of all hours, please inquire with us directly).

Sept 30: Advanced Anatomy led by Stephanie Pafford and guest speakers
October 4: Advanced Anatomy led by Stephanie Pafford and guest speakers
Oct 9-10: Restorative, Deep Stretch and Backs led by Stephanie Pafford
Oct 23-24: Restorative, Deep Stretch and Backs led by Stephanie Pafford
Nov 13-14: Yoga Nidra w/ Michelle
Dec 4-5: Yoga Nidra w/ Michelle
Dec. 11-12: Restorative, Deep Stretch and Backs led by Stephanie Pafford

Jan 15-16: Kundalini Yoga led by Aerial Anger
Jan 29-30: Prenatal Yoga led by Nita Mehta and guest speakers
Feb 12-13-27 Postnatal Yoga led by Nita Mehta and guest speakers
March 12-13: Energy Body led by Stephanie and Sundaram-ji
March 26-27: Retreats and Corporates
April 16-17: The Heart of Meditation led by Nita Mehta and guest speakers
April 23-24: The Heart of Meditation led by Nita Mehta and guest speakers
May 7-8: Graduation

Class Hours

Hours may vary due to what time zones students are located, but generally:
Fridays late afternoon or early evening
Saturdays from 12-7pm or 2-6pm or 4-8pm.  
Weekly Mentorship Meeting - Wednesday evenings at 6pm
Retreat Hours 2021 - TBA and subject to changes due to Covid-19 

Option 1: Deposit of $625 with balance due two weeks prior
Option 2: $3400 paid in full. All modules included. $250 discount available for former Restorative Yoga Trainees
Option 2: $625 with 6 monthly installments (total $3750). First deposit due 14 days prior to start date.
No refunds 14 days prior to first class meeting.
**Fees include materials but do not include books or ticket fees for Restreats**

Individual Modules:
$800 -Restorative, Stretch and Backs (200 Hour prerequisite)

$650 - Prenatal/Postnatal (200 Hour Prerequisite)

$600 - Heart of Meditation (includes event fees. 200 Hour Prerequisite)

$425 - Yoga Nidra (no Prerequisite)

Additional hours will be satisfied with homework, reading, outside classes, community service and required mentoring.

Graduation from a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour training is required to take the 300 Hour Training. 



One day during a vinyasa class, my friend @yogaflowom told me that she was going to do 300hr. Corinne and I already took YTT 200 together so I asked her why. she just said she just wanted to (sounds like something Corinne would say hahaha) So after class, I asked @akasha_yoga ( Stephanie) about it. Stephanie asked me what I wanted to do with my yoga career. I didn’t really know. I didn’t feel confident in teaching yoga because I didn’t teach adults at that time. I wasn’t consistent in my own practice or I felt I wasn’t. So, I took a week to decide if I would do it. Later that week, I ended up having some weird dream telling me I should. So with the help from family, I went for it. I remember the first weekend, I had to practice teach and my throat went dry. Steph reminded me it was just yoga. I loosened up and proceeded to teach. With each module and weekend my confidence grew. I felt myself speak up more during the training but still was kind (always be kind!) Then, when the pandemic happened, I dove into to teaching online part time. Not only did I do that but I also dove into yoga practice consistently. I was calmer. When my feelings overwhelmed me, I would still cry but I wouldn’t feel like it was the end of world anymore. I also made yoga sisters that I loved so much. Every week we would check on each other and see how we are doing. We shared tears and laughed a lot. I went from teaching no classes to teaching 5 a week online. I have cut down since then but honestly I wouldn’t have imagined doing this before February. I feel confident, at peace and happy. Despite everything that is going on, I am okay and happy. If you ever want to take an online training 200hr or 300hr, please consider taking it with @akasha_yoga. Stephanie, Nita and Aerial do such an amazing job of teaching restorative, advanced anatomy, kundalini, meditation and more. Not only do you learn how to teach it, you learn how incorporate a lot of these different aspects into your classes and your own life! They show respect for the history and traditions of asana and meditation. I’m so thankful I decided to do it even through this crazy time. - SS


I followed my heart back to Yoga Jai Ma and Akasha Yoga for my 300 hour YTT.    This course is not easy, and it will challenge you emotionally and physically, but you will learn, experience, grow as an individual and as a teacher. I appreciated the level of discipline it took to get through this course, and I not only grew into a more confident teacher, but also as a person. I enjoyed the variety of philosophy, meditation, asana, pranayama and so many special workshops and guest speakers.  This is a well thought out and planned training with very knowledgeable lead teachers, and because of that my teaching portfolio has greatly expanded.

One month into our training and the world shut down.  That did not stop our training or the drive in our teachers, which translated to us and we transitioned smoothly to zoom training.  My world has changed and shifted from this training and I am forever grateful. -CB 


I was looking for a 300 hour training class for a few years and was happy when Yoga Jai Ma offered one as that is my chosen studio at which I landed to call my community.  We started training in February 2020 with Anatomy and Restorative Yoga  - I would recommend this for everyone in our current society as it teaches above all stillness and presence in your physical body and gets you out of the mind.   We were able to do a workshop as a team and it went very well.  Restorative Yoga is near and dear to my heart because it allows one to stop and revere the stillness in your body and nervous system that can ultimately restore your health.

No sooner did we start our training and due to the current world situation - we could not meet in person but instead we had to switch to online training sessions using Zoom.  We moved forward with our 300 YTT meeting on Zoom for all trainings as well as teaching yoga using Zoom.  My favorite saying is if it does not challenge you it will not change you.  Was it an adjustment heck yeah!  For the next 6 months we learned Kundalini, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, met weekly for conference calls, practiced on Zoom or sound cloud and did homework. 

I am so happy that I signed up for the 300 hour teacher training as it helped me navigate and process a period in history we have never experienced.  I had teachers and classmates that I am connected to that I could talk to about all of the “stuff” that I was feeling/experiencing and how yoga helped me through it.  I really enjoyed Kundalini, Pre and Post Natal yoga, Meditation and Reiki.  All of these yoga modalities are helping me become a more well-rounded yoga teacher.  I am able to see yoga from very different perspectives of teaching and integrate them into my daily life and yoga classes.   Stephanie, Nita and Aerial are very knowledgeable teachers as are all of the teachers in the other areas that were brought in for the other modules.  Every time we finished a module I was like wow – Meditation is key, Pre and Post Natal is so needed, Kundalini is key and Reiki is essential to all.  All of these yoga modalities are keys to unlock our potential as yoga teachers.  The evolution and shift I felt in myself was undeniable after each module, I am thankful for my 300 hour trainings, my teachers and classmates we experienced together something that can never be replaced and it is a path that I will continue to follow!  I highly recommend this 300 hour yoga teacher training enjoy the process and the path!! - JB